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Having the same line-up of speakers is just the status quo. Create remarkable events with diverse voices.

Our vision is for everyone to be able to look up at any stage and feel understood, heard, and inspired by voices, stories, and ideas that look, sound, and feel like them.

It is our mission to identify, develop and connect underestimated talent to keynote speaking opportunities where there they are compensated equitably for their expertise and time.

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Unique voices, and perspectives for your next conference or event. Browse our directory of 200+ speakers. 

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Sign the Diversity Pledge

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Our first program is the Speakership for Women of Colour. We’re working on more programs for speakers and event organisers, so stay tuned.

More about Keynoteworthy

About Keynoteworthy

Keynoteworthy solves the problem of finding and booking speakers that reflects our communities and the fresh perspectives that people are increasingly looking for.

By making it easier for aspiring and existing speakers to be recognised and represented, you can access a network of role models that help future generations to build confidence to believe that they, too, can aim sky-high.

By giving diverse speakers and thinkers the microphone, they can introduce innovative and sustainable solutions to solve the world’s most pressing problems. You’re invited to be part of this.

I cannot recommend Cathy and Keynoteworthy highly enough. They came to the rescue for B local Sydney at a time of great need. When one of our panellists had to cancel at the last minute, Cathy was able to put us in touch with the perfect replacement, who was an absolute superstar on the night and added so much value.

As the subject matter was the incredibly emotive one of Diversity and Inclusion, specifically on how to create inclusive workplaces that could attract and retain diverse talent, it was important that we had a subject matter expert who could speak with authority and expertise. Catherina not only provided incredible insights from her role as Diversity + Inclusion manager but was also able to balance that with lived experience. Thank you, Cathy, and Keynoteworthy for helping to make our event deeply engaging and insightful.

Karen Porter
Events Chair, B Local Sydney
Founder Underground Communications + The Benefit Consultants

I’ve secured speaking and media opportunities thanks to working with Keynoteworthy. I highly recommend them when it comes to getting your next emcee or keynote speaker for your conference or event. Keynoteworthy’s professionalism, along with the diverse range of speakers makes them unique and a delight to work with.

Melissa Griffiths

Transgender Authority, Ambassador & Board Director

How Keynoteworthy works

Be the change in this world

Finding the right speaker for your event or conference is an overwhelming (and stressful) task. On top of that, having a balanced speaker line-up can be challenging to curate if you don’t know where to look. The good news is Keynoteworthy helps you sort through the noise to quickly find and connect with a range of speakers on the right topic. You can search, connect and book directly with the speaker on the directory. 

How much does it cost to hire a speaker?

If you find a match on our directory, you negotiate speaking fees and expenses directly with any speakers you choose via a secure contact form. With that said, although some speakers may speak for pro-bono, understand they are spending time preparing their talk for you and traveling to your event if in-person.

  While every event is different, a rule of thumb for pricing is:  

  • Newbie speakers are around $0–$2,500 for a talk
  • Beginner speakers, or those just establishing a brand with their first book, might charge between $5,000 –$10,000 a talk
  • Those with several books and other forms of social proof and a profile might draw in $10,000 –$20,000 a talk
  • Those who are very well-known in their field, such as best-selling authors or professional speakers can bring in $20,000 – $35,000 + per talk.

What do you mean by diverse speaker?

Emerging and experienced speakers are welcome. Keynoteworthy focuses on featuring speakers from diverse backgrounds, so to be considered on the directory, you must have demonstrated public speaking experience, and

      • legacy diversity: attributes such as social constructs, race, ethnicity, age, gender, ability and sexuality
      • experiential diversity: attributes such as physical and social identities, based on our life, histories and experiences
      • thought diversity: how our neural make-up, hard wiring, experience impact our ability to solve problems and create new insight

Keynoteworthy is the best and only platform that quickly connects speakers with events. It’s one place to find diversity in the [plethora] of colourful stories and life experiences to be shared between everyday people and told by everyday people. Whether you are a professional speaker or avid storyteller, Keynoteworthy enables people to share, learn and inspire a wider audience. As a speaker, I have been booked for events and conferences within a week of contact. Simple. As an event organiser, you can review the vast array of topics and make contact with speakers directly, hassle-free.

Elisa Choy, Founder & Managing Director
Maven Data

As event managers, we must always ensure our events reflect the diversity of our people. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right speakers or the perfect ones pull out in the last minute (event prof life!). Keynoteworthy was able to make our leadership conference a spectacular event where people were talking about it for months. It’s thanks to the variety of voices and topics they recommend to you that you hadn’t even thought of. If you want refreshing voices and a true partner in all things events, get in touch with the Keynoteworthy team today.

Joseph Rodriguez

Senior Event Manager

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