Are you tired of the same voices? Want to challenge the status quo?

Keynoteworthy is a platform connecting diverse thinkers and speakers with event organisers. We believe representation on stage matters because impact does not end on stage – it’s where it begins.

Quite often, we’re seeing the same speakers EVERYWHERE — that is cheesy motivational speakers and an all-male panel line-up just to name a few. To create change in the world, we need fresh ideas and perspectives. That’s why we go to events and conferences right? It’s an opportunity for meaningful connection.

So, to prevent history from repeating itself, Keynoteworthy was created to make it easier to introduce great speakers to the world. We feature authentic speakers – both emerging and experienced who are passionate and ready to challenge your ideas.

If you’re an event organiser needing help to curate your line-up, get in touch to see how we can help. Otherwise browse our directory of diverse keynote speakers.

Already speaking? List your profile with Keynoteworthy to get in front of event planners and curators.

One of the things I’ve learnt is that if you don’t intentionally include, the system unintentionally excludes.

Elizabeth Broderick,
Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commission

Cathy Ngo Picture

How it started

Cathy Ngo, Founder of Keynoteworthy

Hello and thanks for stopping by. I believe everyone — of all genders, sexualities, religions, ethnicity, abilities, and backgrounds should be able to attend an event, look up on stage, and see someone giving a talk on stage that looks like them, and think ‘yes, that could be me’.

In a world where it’s about who you know, I found event planners were selecting the same line-up of speakers. This meant you got the same perspectives only repackaged differently. Frustrated with the lack of balanced representation at events, I founded Keynoteworthy as a way to amplify the voices of underestimated voices. There is no shortage of talent out there, so I wanted to make it easier for event managers to find amazing people.

Whether you’re an event planner, a speaker or someone who just wants to make events more inclusive and sustainable, I hope you find this website a wonderful resource. If you want to connect with me and see what I’m up to, I invite you to please add me on LinkedIn here.

Reach out to see how you can get involved.

Based in Sydney, servicing worldwide.

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