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Abhi Chaturvedi is a pragmatic Business Consultant with over 15 years of successful consultancy and systems implementation experience across Australia, Europe and the U.S.A. He is an experienced and effective communicator and is often called upon to act as a conduit between the technical and business areas of an organisation.

He has harnessed the power of design thinking to execute on visions, explore market needs, and evolve a product road map for value proposition from inception to retirement using agile techniques. Abhi’s primary belief is to recognise how continuous exploration fuels innovation and helps to define a vision, strategy, and road map to tap into new markets.

Abhi practices how to accelerate a product life cycle to get fast feedback and quickly deliver exceptional products and solutions to benefit customers — all while aligning with organisation’s strategy, portfolio, evolving architecture, and solution intent.

Abhi comes from an IT management consulting background with experience in user experience(UX), conducting workshops, business transformation, change management, business case development, enterprise architecture, multi-year roadmap of project/program delivery and operations across a broad range of industries including telecommunications, government, aviation, utilities, banking & finance, insurance and transport.

He is also the editorial board member in the Business Agility institute.

Previous speaking experience

Spoken at scaled agile meetups, Business Agility meetups and experienced in conducting virtual events such as webinars.

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