I first came in to contact with Ally when I saw her present at TheMHS Conference, Sydney 2017. I was inspired and excited by her presentation, her work and her vision and delighted to learn she would soon be joining our Brisbane community! I have had the great pleasure of reconnecting and working with Ally over 2019 on Arts for Inclusion 2019; this project saw us collaborate and coordinate a unique festival of arts events that ran alongside TheMHS Conference 2019 Brisbane (Arts at TheMHS) and the Brisbane Mental Health Expo (Arts at the Expo 2019) – a combined mental health services expo that happens every year during mental health week. We worked with around 20 Lived Experience artists, providing various public platforms from which to perform / present / run workshops/speak/share stories about the impact of The Arts on their lives and the essential role The Arts play in health, well-being, inclusion and employment. Ally is a consummate professional who, I believe, adds exceptional quality, insight and knowledge to the projects she delivers.

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