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Mordialloc, Victoria 3195, Australia
About me

A highly-skilled and trained Kinesiologist, Amanda has a passion for healthy living, empowering clients and balancing the body on every level – physical, chemical and emotional. By removing stress from the body, balance and wellness can be achieved.

Amanda works with a great deal of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual malaise, including PTSD, complex trauma, ending abuse cycles and assisting people through grief. In addition to trauma, Amanda also works with people to improve their life, achieve their goals and navigate transitional situations with as much ease and grace as possible.

Despite the presenting situation, Amanda teaches her clients the importance of self-love, boundaries and self-care, a much forgotten part of life when things get busy, and often the first thing to go when things get stressful. She provides her clients with the tools to make sure they are living self-full lives with nourishing relationships, connections and balance. When clients are operating from a self-fulfilling place where they have filled their own cup with love, acceptance and compassion, everything around them improves.

Amanda is fascinated with the mix of spirituality and messy humanness within the world we live and is expanding her knowledge about how we can better find balance and acceptance within ourselves so that we may shine our light as brightly as possible. By discovering and shining our light, we give other people the permission to shine theirs.

Amanda works with business owners and employees, teaching them the importance of self-care, boundaries and connection in business. Drawing on her previous experience in Communications Management she helps them understand how to balance communications in a less patriarchal way and with greater congruence and alignment with the Self, soul purpose and connection to client. It is the fastest growing aspect of her work.

Amanda works closely with her individual clients and groups to tailor sessions to their individual needs. A commonality is that as the work progresses, people move further from fear, lack and scarcity into expansion, authenticity and abundance.

Education: BA Communications
Diploma, International and Graduate Diploma Kinesiology

Keynote Topics:
Business and Spirituality
Leadership with heart
Self Care/Self Talk/Boundaries
Holistic Health
Women’s Health

Previous speaking experience

Kingston Business Women’s Network
Bayside Women in Business (Christmas event – panel discussion on Business Success)
Workshop Facilitation
Women’s circles
Speaker’s Institute Bootcamp

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