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I am a passionate educator, mother, counsellor, author and mentor in the field of inter-generational body acceptance and positive self-image. My passion is empowering women to feel good about themselves, in the hopes of raising strong, body confident daughters.

In 2017, I came out about the secret eating disorder I’d lived with for 20 years. I was the daughter of a mother who dieted and battled with her body, but when my own daughter started mirroring some of my behaviours, I knew I had to change my life.

My story is about my journey. It is about change and transformation, and turning a desperate time in your life, into an opportunity for growth and discovery. It is the story of setting yourself free from who you believed you were meant to be, and becoming who you are. It is the story of rewriting your own ending.

Previous speaking experience

Speaking, workshops and presentations across schools and businesses.

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