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Anand was born in a small village in India that once had merely 350 houses; but, never allowed his little town and humble beginnings to get in the way of his adventures and dreams. His childhood was full of unsanctioned experiments, which he believes have helped in building a solid foundation for continuous learning, innovative mindset, and experience all along.

After working for over two decades, Anand is now on his next exciting journey is playing a more significant role. Since he has been with emerging technologies up close and personal, he understands the impact they will have in the coming years on human life, and how to make it more positive.

Let Anand take you on the journey to understand how being innovative is the key to transformation and technological disruption.

He will unveil technology from business and the business from technology’s perspective. Having seen both the worlds first hand, Anand will help you uncover myths, understand reality, and explore opportunities. The lessons he shares apply to all modern businesses and individuals facing the digital revolution and the ruthless speed of technological changes.

A thoughtful, affable, and straightforward guy, Anand is a polymath, and can often shed new light on a topic, which you feel has been “done to death.” You will find his talks candid, deeply meaningful, and full of common sense with humor.

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Previous speaking experience

Anand has been speaking globally since 2009 and has spoken on a wide range of contemporary topics.

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