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We are living in a world that is being redefined by crises and rapid change. Whether it is global pandemics, emerging technologies or the climate, our values are shifting as we realise that the only certain pathway forward is to help, heal or build hope for our families, the community and the world. But where do we begin on that purpose driven journey? The time has come where we must look within ourselves. To see our light in leadership in order to burn through our fear and discover a new potential for all of humanity in the workplace and in the world.

Annastacia Wainaina is the creator of the Freedom Fires. A step by step process designed to assist leaders to look within, so that they can burn through the fear and the doubts that inhibit our ability to step into the greatest level of service possible for our lives. By burning through our fear as conscious leaders, we are able to ignite a new reality for ourselves and in doing so we can transform the world around us.

Annastacia’s personal journey into freedom started on the endless plains of Kenya where as a child she would dream about all of the possibilities for her life. By the time she was a teenager her innate courage and curiosity eventually led her to spread her wings moving to Finland where she studied nursing. This was a joyful experience for her, however once she had completed her studies and worked as a nurse for a few years she felt the pull of Australian shore line moving to Sydney in 2007.

Upon arriving here Annastacia continued her career as a nurse before transitioning into aged care. Since then she has moved into a leadership role providing strategic support for managing aged care and hospitals. In a conversation about purpose, contribution and what it means to truly be of service to the community Annastacia has fought on the front line of humanity’s battle for health and well being for more than twenty years. A battle that has never been more significant in the wake of the 2020 pandemic. As a result she innately understands what it is to move through fear and step into faith.

This passion continues beyond her work in Sydney. In 2014 Annastacia had returned to Kenya on a mission to adopt a child. In this process she realised that the laws around adoption that should protect the rights of children did the complete opposite, leaving them exposed and vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and trafficking. As a result in January 2015 she founded Make It Happen, a charity with a focus on Child Advocacy in Kenya especially in regards to adoption and foster care policies.

Today, alongside her career on the front lines of health, Annastacia is also the author of Ignite – Blazing The Fires Inside of You. She is a professional speaker and is on a mission through her message to ignite new possibilities and to light a fire under purpose, passion in order enable humanity to reach a higher potential together. Onstage she is purposeful in her delivery and steadfast in her knowledge.

Keynote topics:
– Freedom fire: Leading through the fire of change
– The possibilities plain: Under the skies of limitless wonder
– Make it happen: A new story of belonging

Previous speaking experience

I have been invited to speak for African Women Dinner Dance over 300 African women
I have been invited to speak to Vate college in Rwanda over 100 students virtually
I have interviewed for downunder radio x3

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