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Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
Anne Miles
About me

Anne Miles is a change-maker in removing stereotypes from marketing and advertising. As a survivor of domestic and workplace abuse and discrimination, Anne is advocating to change the media landscape to have a direct impact on these issues. Anne works from the ground up – in changing industry policy and processes and also by sharing insights and speaking on diversity to bring a new perspective on gender, rural and urban inclusion, neurodiversity, culture and race, socio-economic inclusion, age and life stage, and sexuality.

Tapping into both her nerdy data-loving and creative sides, equally, you always get a robust discussion with all sides considered. Anne Miles is an egalitarian and fights for rights for all and believes in the marketing and advertising industry being better and doing better. Her perspective spreads as far back into business strategy as it reaches forward into the creative and production process – end to end.

Anne’s speaking style is very real, passionate, personal at times, a little humble or self-deprecating, and sometimes slightly silly.

If you are looking for a slick presenter who is all show and formality, Anne is not for you. In fact, Anne will tell you she nearly failed speaker training school, and apparently that is what makes her a great speaker.

Previous speaking experience

Panel events: Australian Marketing Institute – events on Diversity and Mental Health, Australian Digital Marketing Association – Global Summit Panel on Diversity

Keynote: Industry events on Gender Neutral Marketing, Bringing Humanity into Marketing Communications, and Neuro-Diversity in Marketing for Australian Marketing Institute, Brolly Social Media Platform, Aquent #Digitalks,

Webinars: Many including international audiences.

Podcasts: Several including small business marketing topics and my personal experiences of starting a small business from scratch with no capital and because of discrimination over 35 years in advertising for gender and age.

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