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Antoinette Colbran
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If you do one thing in your fabulous life, make sure you can sustain yourself financially. This is the message from Antoinette Colbran, accomplished speaker and advocate for the importance of financial know-how for women. Faced with impending, life-changing financial hardship, Antoinette was forced to ask hard questions about her finances. From a lifestyle that included a home overlooking Sydney Harbour with choices in holiday homes, boats and cars, within a short time, Antoinette was left knowing that survival meant having to step up and build a business she had worked in part-time while raising her children. And step up she did. Great Handbag, Don’t Forget Your Briefcase is Antoinette’s message to women about becoming aware of your financial choices, staying in control and ensuring your future is financially safe. It’s the message every woman needs to hear.

Antoinette is available to speak to school students, young adults starting out in their careers, at corporate functions as a keynote or guest speaker or at events where organisers are looking for an engaging life story to entertain their guests.

1. Choose not to crumble. Dealing with financial stress.
– How to position yourself as capable of adapting to new circumstances
– Working out how to do what you can with what you’ve got
– Why you should get professional emotional and financial help
– Why you need to pay yourself a decent salary
– How to make provision for your future

2. The warning signs. Be alert to change.
– How to handle disagreements about money
– What to do if you and your financial adviser frequently disagree
– What to do if your spending is out of control
– How to have a conversation about different financial expectations
– Why you should trust your gut instincts

Education HSC and H.R. Diploma:
8 years Federal political office – Minister for Health, Member for MacKellar
5 years Corporate H.R. Director, International Hotel Chain
18 years running own business and current
Published book and launched 2018
Public speaker – students, women’s groups, law firms, panel discussions
Chair, The McDonald College of Performing Arts Board
President-Elect NSW Committee, Women Chiefs of Enterprises International

Previous speaking experience

I have spoken to groups including WCEI (Women Chiefs of Enterprise International) and She Business, Ray White Mosman as part of The Savvy Investor and was as a panellist this year for IWD – Law firms and Financial women’s groups

I speak regularly to senior school students about financial change – and the strategies I engaged in order to manage the change and step up and take over part of our family business, not affected by the legislative change which concluded the former (highly successful) business.

I have addressed my daughters’ former school community of three and a half thousand three years running at the Sydney Town Hall. I am told public speaking is my forte. I speak regularly introducing or thanking guest speakers.

I am part of a 3 speaker forum entitled “The Confident Woman” series.

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