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Brenda began her creative life as a graphic designer for one of the biggest greeting card companies in the world, where she nurtured her love of colour and composition. However, 4 years into her dream design career her inner calling to paint could not be silenced. Leaving her career behind, she had her first solo exhibition in 2011 and boldly launched her new life as a visual artist in full colour.

Education & Skillset:
Bachelor of Design
Diploma in Illustration
Skilled in visual brands & colourful graphics
Design composition & colourist as seen in her bold statement original paintings

Topics & areas of passion and expertise:
// Personal branding especially online & visuals
// Creativity in life & business
// Creative expression for well-being & personal development
// Finding the business inside creative work & creativity inside business & life
// Using creative expression to find confidence & productivity
// Finding your creative spark or creative voice in work & life
// Weaving spirituality, creativity & ambition into art and business.

Previous speaking experience

Keynote Speaker at Beautiful You Academy Inspiration Day 2017

Speaker at Wellthy Living

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