Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia
Cathy Ngo Speaker Keynoteworthy
About me

Cathy Ngo is a writer and presenter specialising in human resources and communications. She spent the majority of her corporate HR career, rolling out change programs for top ASX listed companies.

She is currently senior editor and writer for HR/IR publication, WorkplaceInfo. Catherine writes on thought leadership, expert commentary on FairWork cases and analysis on the world of work.

Cathy is passionate about ensuring a balanced representation at work and beyond. She draws from her own background and shares a compelling story of why we should all care. She is also the founder of Keynoteworthy, which she started after being fed up with the lack of representation at events and conferences. Cathy believes we should all be the change we wish to see. To stay silent is to agree with the status quo. Change for the better happens when we take action. And Keynoteworthy is about taking action.

Outside of work, Cathy loves to do open-mics, stand-up comedy, collect indoor plants and think about her next project to change the world.

Keynote topics:
– Diversity and inclusion in the workplace
– Finding your voice and identity as a Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) person
– How to navigate your career and side-hustle (and remain sane)
– How to make a potential employer fall in love with you
– How using comedy can make you a better person in life and at work

Previous speaking experience

Experienced speaker delivering keynotes on representation at work and media.

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