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Due to Marriage, having Kids and Moving Suburbs and Countries, Chantal had to START and STOP her business repeatedly. Each time….. NO CLIENTS, a NEW Target Market and with NO MARKETING BUDGET.

Getting through the maze that is Facebook and making it work for your business is something that many people struggle with, or just plain loath. Then there’s Chantal Gerardy, Facebook strategist, who loves nothing more than working things out (in life and in work), getting stuck into the crux of Facebook and showing how to make it work for your business…without needing to spend any money on advertising.

Chantal has a fantastic background story, having given up everything she immigrated to Australia 11 years ago with 3 children under 5 years of age (including twins). Needing to establish herself in business, here in the Gold Coast, in a saturated market, she started using Facebook to create her own personal platform, network and grow her business.

Things went so well that it wasn’t long before Chantal opened up her own bricks and mortar fitness studio and started hosting Meetup groups, teaching people how to grow a business on Facebook with no marketing budget, just like she had done. That was 5 years ago, and the demand for her Facebook service continued to grow so much that it has become her full-time job.

Chantal created her signature one-on-one Facebook Strategy Program which can be facilitated in Burleigh at Fleks Workspace or Online. Here she works with her clients to determine how Facebook can benefit the entire business, including staff providing them with content, body and structure to add a more diverse view and generate them business.

The accessibility of Chantal makes her really stand out, you can be confident that she will show you how to safely and effectively use the platform to it’s maximum capabilities, that all privacy and compliancy issues are adhered to and that there is a strategic framework used to create solutions…there is also an online course in the pipeline, which will be launched in the near future.

Nothing gets Chantal more excited than getting her clients excited and helping them grow their online presence. Having not forgotten her journey from South Africa to Australia, Chantal knows what it’s like to struggle financially and emotionally, she has a deep sense of needing to give back to the community, regularly helping startups, retirement villages and charities.

Chantal has a diploma in social media marketing and was Nominated TOP 100 Coolest Companies in Australia 2018, featured on Channel 9 News and received 2 x International Bronze awards for OUT OF THE BOX MARKETING: STARTUPS.

If you need help growing YOUR BUSINESS on Facebook, and would like to set up your socials and learn how to use them effectively, then contact Chantal.

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