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Brisbane, Queensland 4000, Australia
About me

I am a edupreneur having founded an independent school for children with autism in Brisbane. I have shared my stories about the trials of raising a child on the autism spectrum and creating an inclusive and nurturing learning environment. I have supported organisations in building the emotional intelligence of staff to improve the capacity of workplaces to support diverse thinkers. I am an advocate for educational rights and access to supports to improve life outcomes.

I am also a person with a disability having been diagnosed with MS 7 years ago and share my personal experiences with regard to coping with a diagnosis and have mentored newly diagnosed people also. I am also a cancer survivor and speak about finding our inner superhero, about resilience, challenging expectations and about what being brave really means.

I am an Australia Day Award recipient for Redland City.

Previous speaking experience

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking at international conferences, fundraising galas, and community events.

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