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Tumut, Tumut, NSW 2720, Australia
About me

I’m originally from the UK and moved to Australia at 23 after completing a business economics degree. I found myself in a graduate accounting position in a small rural town in WA and that sparked the start of a 15 year career in public practice accounting and commercial finance. Upon going back to work after my second son was born, I realised things had changed and I had lost my career mojo! It was actually the start of a dark stage of my life because on the surface, everything was wonderful; yet underneath, I had no idea who I was anymore and that was incredibly scary!

I turned to coaching to help me through and in doing so discovered a new lease on life; a reignited spark if you will that has now become my full time business. I am a member of the International Coach Guild and a Meta Dynamics accredited coach. I am also an Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioner and am on a mission to make great businesses, great places to work.

We spend over a third of our lives at work and therefore it is imperative that the time we spend there is positive and productive. As business owners and senior leaders, we need to be aware that every aspect of our business impacts our people; and our people impact every aspect of our business. Therefore if we want to see our businesses grow, we need to ensure our people are growing.

I am passionate about ensuring people are living and working at the top of their game. Life is too short for mediocrity and so it is vital we create the culture that the best people want to be a part of and can thrive in.

I am an energetic, passionate, infectious speaker that understands the nuts and bolts of business; yet knows that to grow a great business, we need to create a great place to work.

Keynote topics include:
Making great businesses, great places to work
Living above mediocrity – raising the bar on our performance
Inside out leadership – the importance of self awareness

Previous speaking experience

I am an emerging speaker looking for opportunities to inspire my audience. I run workshops and training sessions as part of my business and have spoken at various networking events. I have recently facilitated some workshops for my local council and have been a member of Toastmasters for a few years. This has allowed me to learn from some very experienced speakers to refine my presence on stage. I love speaking on stage and have an energetic, yet casual style.

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