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About me

Dawn is an imagination coach, happiness coach, educator, writer and founder of the start-up Imagination Session®. In her keynotes, she presents a unique world view shaped from an upbringing among many cultures. Through lived experience, and DNA, she is linked to almost half the world’s population, a history that has gifted her an appreciation for everyone.

Her idea for Imagination Session® grew from lockdowns when Dawn turned to her imagination for adventures, all in her mind. The happiness it brought her led her to want to share imagination with others.

She began to research imagination through the lens of educators, psychologists, neuroscientists, philosophers, researchers, and consultancies to global businesses. There, she discovered its many benefits; when we give ourselves permission to dream, we gain access to a greater happiness and wellbeing, social connection, professional skills, creativity and innovation.

With a postgraduate qualification in education, Dawn now offers one-on-one imagination coaching and runs team building sessions on imagination.

Her keynotes focus on how to access and use imagination for positive change.

Keynote speaking topics include:

– How to use imagination to enhance happiness and wellbeing
– How to call on imagination to create the world you seek
– How to set free your imagination to spur on innovation and creativity
– How to establish a culture of ‘imaginative listening’ to encourage the sharing of ideas
– How to make imagination part of your everyday while advancing professional skills like problem solving and decision making

Previous speaking experience

Dawn has delivered keynotes and spoken on panels during a career spanning more than 20 years as a journalist. Often writing about creative industries, her keynotes have focused on where business and creativity meet. For example, from her front-row seat in fashion forums in Sydney, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, and more, she has shared her insights into how leading designers capture opportunities on a global stage.

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