About me

Elisa is a story teller with charisma. Whether she is talking about data analytics, as the DataWhisperer, or talking about the random dramatically nuclear events that have shaped her life, or talking about her 16 year career of epic success and failures, she speaks her truth with passion, fire, humour and humility.

Since the age of 12, she was always told to be a standup comedian or an actress. Rather than giving what the people wanted, instead she followed the traditional route of studying something she thought she loved, entered a career for the prestige and money, then realised in her ripe old age of 1 year shy 40, that she still loves to get up and tell a good story. So here is her chance.

She holds a diversity card full house – female, asian, working mother, lesbian, disability (rheumatoid arthritis, which doesn’t yet qualify her for a disability sticker, but she’s going to milk this disability card for what she can to make up for the bloody pain and stiffness she suffers on a winters morning).

Previous speaking experience

Corporate in-house speaking, workshop facilitation, keynote speaking and panel moderating.

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