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All of us face adversity, challenges and barriers in life. The difference between those who can successfully navigate the journey and those who struggle and end up stuck is being able to acknowledge and tap into inner resources and tools. It is not always easy, but after learning how to utilise one’s own untapped strengths, it is simple to build resilience and navigate through life’s bumps.

I am Fiona Demark. I would love to share my real-life experience of overcoming adversity, building resilience and facing the world head on. I will tell my story about being legally blind since childhood, and how that has shaped the person I am today. I am a very positive person and genuinely enjoy sharing my journey with others. It is amazing to witness the powerful insights and learnings that result from my presentations and the changes that occur in audience members.

Your group will leave my presentation feeling empowered, inspired and more aware of what tools and resources they already have to overcome their own moments of adversity. Expect some humour, moments of truth, emotional epiphanies and self-reflection.

My presentation will encourage participants to delve into their own memories, times of growth and strength. I will share some ideas during the presentation that will instantly reshape thinking patterns and encourage everyone to lead a more positive and resilient mindset.

For more than two decades, I have had the pleasure and good fortune to assist many people to make lifetime changes through my social work and coaching. I will not only utilise my own life experiences, but also my professional expertise to provide strategies for the audience to take away and implement into their career or personal life.

I present both in person and via Zoom or other online formats. My presentation can be adjusted to meet the requirements of your group. Before the presentation we will speak about the themes to cover and the goals and outcomes you would like your group to achieve. Some suggested topics include:

– Embracing Adversity: Transforming challenge into triumph
– Defeating Negative Thoughts: Turn that frown upside down
– Accessibility in the Workplace: Challenging attitudes with confidence.

Previous speaking experience

An example of some of the groups I have worked with and presentations I have given in recent years is below. I can tailor presentations to meet your audience’s needs and can present as a keynote or in workshop format.

Vision Australia – “Accessible Employment”, November 2022
Culture AMP Australia – “Defeating Negative Beliefs”, October 2022
Culture AMP International – “Defeating Negative Beliefs”, October 2022
Victorian Public Sector Commission – “Hybrid Workplaces”, October 2022
Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) – “Inclusive and Accessible Voting”, September 2022
Department of Transport (Vic) – “Global Accessible Awareness Day Accessibility and Inclusion in the Workplace”, May 2022
Care with Us Disability Conference – “Disability and overcoming challenges”, March 2022
Department of Transport (Vic) – “International Day of People with Disability”, December 2021
Victorian Public Sector Enablers Network – “Meet the Secretaries”, December 2021
Vision Australia – “Bounce into Life Workshops”, September to December 2021
Department of Transport (Vic) – “International Day of People with Disability”, December 2020

I have also presented virtually at a number of events for the Victorian Public Sector relating to inclusive and accessible employment specialising in new employees, graduates and transport focussed areas.

During COVID lockdowns, I took the opportunity to present at various Rotary Clubs throughout Australia virtually and have extended this to present in person at a range of community based organisations. I have also been a guest on a number of radio and podcast interviews and participated in several events as a speakers panel member. You can view or listen to these interviews and podcasts at

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