About me

I grew up during one of the most evil and shameful periods in history. Yet I was unaware of the privilege that I had been bestowed upon purely by being born into a family of ‘white’ parents in South Africa during Apartheid (my dad being an Italian migrant was viewed with suspicion by some but he was deemed to pass the colour credentials).

Also living with a sight impairment of being legally blind without my glasses, I am intune to inclusion through my lived experiences. That’s why I’ve chosen to make a positive impact by creating a diversity consulting hub of expertise, Perspective Hive (www.perspectivehive.com.au)

Every day I work with companies that are thinking differently about difference. And over the last few years I’ve built and delivered award-winning inclusion and diversity programs that have been recognised as Australia’s best through a range of industry awards. One of my proudest moments was accepting the Australian Human Rights Award on behalf of Westpac Group for our ‘intuitively accessible’ design of the Barangaroo campus.

I’ve got some great stories to tell about companies who are doing it right, and, unfortunately, some less so.

I am regularly invited by clients to facilitate signature workshops, helping them set up and steer an inclusion and diversity agenda that makes meaningful change, drives innovation and creates business value.

Some of the most sought-after topics I present on are about harnessing the diversity of thought, perspective and experience through creating a workplace culture that values and respects that difference through a foundation of belonging and psychological safety. How do we upskill our leaders to recognise and challenge bias in decision-making when they are under increasing pressure to create innovation in products and services in a globalised and competitive market and deliver business-centred outcomes. All while motivating their teams so their productivity, wellbeing and engagement remains high.

I can’t right the wrongs of the past. But I believe that we can choose to make a positive impact, even in the smallest of ways. This is my story.

Previous speaking experience

I regularly present and facilitate workshops on flexible working practices; as well as inclusive leadership and unconscious bias in decision-making to a range of clients across a wide range of industries including advertising, education, resources, not for profit, financial services, healthcare etc. Conference and keynote presentations include:
* Future Women Summit 2019
* PeopleCorp HR Collective 2019
* Diversity & Inclusion Summit 2017, 2018

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