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Jaci is a Transformation Coach, Writer and Speaker who works with women who have faced trauma or significant adversity in the past that still affects the way they live their life today. They are ready to overcome their negative self-talk, build better relationships (with themselves and others) and start believing in themselves so they can clear the roadblocks holding them back from living the life they dream of and discover a genuine happiness they’ve never known.

Jaci worked in recruitment for 3 years before deciding to join Victoria Police. In her six and half years with Victoria Police, Jaci had extensive exposure to family violence, mental health, trauma and drug related crimes. Jaci now works at Monash University as an Investigation and Risk Assessment Officer dealing with all problem and threatening behaviour across the University as well as having her own Coaching Business.

Jaci was sexually assaulted at the age of 15, which led to severe depression and suicide attempts. She was also the victim of severe family violence when she was 21. At the time, she thought she would be able to move on with her life without ever addressing the trauma she had experienced, however in 2016 her life spiralled out of control again, forcing her to address her hidden demons. Jaci now uses her past experiences as a way of helping other people, both adults and teenagers, to overcome their past and start living the life they truly desire.

Jaci has the ability to capture an audience through her authenticity and rawness. Her keynote topics include: Overcoming adversity, learning to love yourself, family violence, stalking and sexual assault.

Previous speaking experience

* Numerous presentations at Monash University on problem & threatening behaviour (includes: sexual assault, stalking, family violence, discrimination, harassment, bullying, unreasonable complaint conduct)
* Melbourne Girls College for a well-being day

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