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Adelaide, South Australia 5000, Australia
About me

Jacqueline Jayne (JJ) currently serves as Security Awareness Advocate for the APAC region for KnowBe4, the world’s most popular security awareness and simulated phishing platform.

With over 20 years’ experience as a conduit between people and technology she has mastered the art of communication and influence.

Previously, she led a successful cybersecurity education and awareness program that changed behavior and culture, aimed at helping users make better security decisions online. Her insights on the human condition and how to engage at all levels in this space are invaluable.

Jacqueline is also a renowned speaker and is giving engaging and thought-provoking talks at conferences around the world.

Previous speaking experience

Over 20 years presenting, facilitating, round tables and speaking events.
The last 2 years with a focus on cybersecurity and creating the human firewall.
NB: Perfect for non technical as well.

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