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I started out my career making headstones before moving into the military in the role of RAAF Police. After several years in the RAAF including some life-changing events, I moved to Qld State Government and have been there for over two decades. I have worked in far western Qld, Toowoomba and in Brisbane where my travel across the regions loaded my mind with endless stories of dealing with a wide range of people. I have worked in the areas of compliance and complaints, learning and development and for the last 10 years circled in management. I have a real focus on the human side of work and how to motivate people to reach their best.

Keynotes have included:
– “Punching through the shadows” which charts my years as the manager of consumer complaints and the complexity of humans in dealing with the good, bad and the ugly of modern consumerism.
– “My Granny was a thief” is the story of generations and how they contribute to my work life and in society. The keynote covers the like of my family to the first fleet and the achievements the generations have forged in both good and bad times.
– “Walking across a hot tin roof” covers the many years of my time in managerial positions and the uncomfortable situations it can place you in as well as that sense of satisfaction when you get it right and make someone better than they were.

Previous speaking experience

Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals
Interdepartmental Accounting Group
RAAF Leadership Seminar
Dept of Justice and Attorney General, Director General Welcome
Office of Fair Trading Managers Symposium

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