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Parkerville, Western Australia, Australia
About me

In her old life, Jay Crisp Crow juggled a family, a disability, and a communications job that sucked the juice from her bones. Then she had firm words with herself, found her voice, and took her own gig on the road. Through Crisp Copy, Jay writes blow-your-hair-back premium copy for brands, big and small, and teaches women in business how to write copy that sells through coaching, consulting, and courses.

She regularly presents in Perth and online on everything from Staying Away From Safe Copy to Disability and Business and Being Both Fat and Successful. She co-founded a social enterprise with her Queen Ruler daughter, Ella, and in 2019 launched her first podcast – So Crisp.

A musical theatre nut, WAAPA alumni, invisible illness warrior, and converted Hillbilly, Jay is the third owner of an 85-year-old house everyone in the Perth Hills seems to have a connection to and has filled it with children, creatures, friends, and associated mess. After a lifetime of looking forward to following in her Mother’s footsteps as the penultimate Stage Mum you will now find her getting soggy on the sidelines of a netball, soccer, or hockey field. Often on the same day. She’s the second loudest parent there after her husband – the best bloke in the world.

Some days she runs a business just as a middle-finger to everyone who said she couldn’t make a living writing or tells her she charges too much. Don’t judge. Motivation is different for everyone.

Previous speaking experience

Want someone who won’t drip feed information, hold back on the truth, or have your audience yawning and checking their phones mid-shindig?’

If you need a relatable, experienced keynote presenter, I’m your girl (AKA grown-a** woman).

Most people won’t even know what a copywriter does but mention my name to anyone who is in marketing or who’s been asking for referrals for website content and they’ll say something like, “EVERYONE recommends her. Is she the only one?” ** actual quote **

And I can talk about more than words. From brand and business building to creating the magic 6 figure business with $0 capital and just about as much business acumen (hint: there’s nothing magic about it except it looks good on a website), going from pensioner (the sick kind, not the aged) to philanthropist, to stepping away from safe, finding your voice, and making some noise, I’ll deliver carefully considered, expertly written, engaging content to keep your audience riveted to their seats like a staple gun was involved.

From podcasts to panels, I’m also the creator and Copy Queen of the Crisp Copy Class and co-owner of a social enterprise with my daughter – How Dare She?

Keynote Topics

Find Your Voice. Make Some Noise
Writing Words That Sell – Branded Copy and How It Makes Bank
Copywriting 101 (Basics for Beginners)
From Disability to Entrepreneurship
Anti-Angst About Pages (How To Write Yours Without Tears)
How To Write Emails That Won’t Make Readers Yawn (Or Delete)
Copywriting specific topics (About Pages, Sales Pages, Email Copy, Website Structure)

“I don’t just highly recommend Jay for her speaking, teaching, and presenting prowess, I strongly take you by the shoulders and shake you for not having signed her up already…”
“…She not only offers practical advice that people can implement immediately, but the girl knows her shiz.
Plus, she’s about as un-boring as a presenter can be…”

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