Brisbane, Queensland 4000, Australia
About me

How do you motivate and inspire your people when things have never been so uncertain?

When everything is so heavy…you need some light.

Jenny Wynter draws from her years of experience as an internationally award-winning stage performer, to entertain, delight and inspire your people with unconventional but practical ways to deal with uncertainty, anxiety and life’s curveballs.

She will:
– Provide some much needed comic relief, bringing some light into what can otherwise be a confronting topic;
– Boost the spirits of your people, helping them shift from feelings of defeat and helplessness to determination and hope;
– Be a welcome de-pressuriser, allowing people to take a breath, re-frame their anxieties around the unknown, by offering some new coping strategies.

Jenny achieves this by sharing her own unique life stories of finding light in dark situations, including:
– how the childhood loss of her mother ultimately led her to a career in comedy;
– the lightbulb moment she had while in the darkest chapter of her life (a perfect storm of divorce, upheaval and caring for a dying family member);
– how working as a Clown Doctor for nearly half a decade – where she quite literally was bringing some light and laughter into extreme curve-ball laden situations – showed her the super-power that is laughter as a coping mechanism in tough times.

While some of this is seemingly heavy material, rest assured it is delivered with real heart and humour!

As an internationally award winning comedian with almost two decades’ experience entertaining audiences all over the world, Jenny’s unique combination of hilarity, entertainment and genuineness truly engages your people and leaves them inspired, uplifted and with a renewed confidence in moving forward, whatever may come their way.

She also is able to bring her incredible improvisational skills to the table – having trained with Second City USA and Loose Moose Theatre (Canada) – including interacting with your people and even creating hilarious improvised songs on the spot based on audience suggestion!

Previous speaking experience

Professional Speakers Australia Kerry Nairn Scholar 2020
TEDx Speaker
Bachelor of Communications (Business) majoring in Marketing
Author of “Funny Mummy” a memoir of the power of laughter to deal with the dark. “
Founder of Funny Mummies™, an organisation which aims to improve mothers’ mental health through laughter
Internationally Award-winning Comedian and Cabaret Performer with an extensive background in improvisation

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