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Meet Miss Jerusha Mather.

Miss Mather was born in Sri Lanka where the doctors said she would never walk or talk. With the hope of a better future, her parents decided to move to Australia when she was little. Through her faith and the therapeutic services, she received, she begun to walk and talk. And fly.

In high school, she was first to become social justice captain and was a Kwong Lee Dow Scholar at Melbourne University.

Since then, Miss Mather completed a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Sciences) at Victoria University. She excelled in all aspects of her studies. And then went onto completing her Biomedical Honours year where she completed a thorough and comprehensive systematic review regarding maternal biomarkers for fetal brain damage. She is currently a PhD student in the medical and biological sciences at Victoria University and is researching non-invasive brain stimulation and strength training in adults with spastic hemiplegic CP.

Miss Mather is also a fierce advocate for an inclusive medical profession and a prominent poet and motivational speaker.
In honour and recognition of her outstanding advocacy work, Miss Mather was selected as one of the STEM Women Change Makers (2020) by the Australian Academy of Sciences.

Miss Mather’s past speaking topics include diversity and inclusion in medicine, supporting people with a disability in developing countries, and intersectional women breaking barriers.

Previous speaking experience

Jerusha Mather has spoken to a variety of different individuals and leading organisations including World Vision, Micah, Australian Academy of Sciences, and Monash University.

Her powerful dialect influences and empowers people to live their best life

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