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Hey! I’m Jessica Roberts the founder over at The Who Photography + Design
We live in a disconnected world, yet ironically we’re the most connected (digitally) we’ve ever been. But this doesn’t always translate to real, genuine and true connection offline.

As a branding photographer, I’ve witnessed so many different types of connections – both behind and in front of the lens. And what I’ve noticed is that when people are being photographed, they often try to be something that they’re not.

Everyone does this to varying degrees. But it’s the people that drop all the masks and just be themselves that are able to communicate their true essence, no matter who they are. I believe that your power is in your imperfection, and it’s this imperfection that makes powerful connections possible.

As a keynote speaker, I want to make you think about connection in a new way and change your perspective on what’s possible. I want to redefine what connection means to be a more inclusive concept because there’s so much more to it than you realise. The decisions you make – from the clothes you wear, to your body language, to your makeup – impact how you’ll connect with the world… and how the world connects to you.

Keynote speaker topics

How to build a strong lasting connection with your customers
Your imperfections are your superpower
How to gain clarity and credibility through connection
Without true connection to ourselves and our audience we can’t reach our potential

Body language in the digital world
How your body language projects is confusing your audience
Understanding the basics of body language in photography
Body language is a universal language
Body language is visual just like photos

Branding photography
There’s no such thing as photogenic
Why you shouldn’t use black and white photos for your personal brand
How to be your ‘real self’ in photographs
Why copying other people’s photos is hurting your brand

Inclusivity & diversity
Why diversity is about including everyone
Inclusivity is a collective responsibility
How our diversity unites us
How to use pronouns to nurture inclusion and connection

Official Bio

As a photographer for the past 12 years, Jessica Roberts has seen it all – from weddings to product shots, to births, deaths and everything in between! What makes her approach so unique is her focus on real, genuine and true connection. She does this by creating a safe space for people to really be themselves.

Jess is all about equality, has travelled to far-flung destinations and is a magnet to world-renowned celebrities (ask her about Ed Sheeran!). So if you’re ready to be inspired and challenge the way you look at the world (and connection)? Book Jess. She’ll get you there with big smiles and colourful, pattern-clashing outfits to boot!

Jess believes in a world where everyone is included. A world where it’s not just okay to be who you are, but it’s celebrated. Jess wants to shake things up: it’s not good enough to do what’s always been done, we need to do (and be) BETTER.

Previous speaking experience

I have spoken to small groups and on podcasts, I have some bigger ones booked in in 2022

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