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Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
About me

Speaking areas that Jill can deliver

– Chaos
– Mentoring
– Personal Power
– Understanding Why
– Teams
– Strategic Thinking
– Conflict
– Communication

Jill also weaves her extraordinarily successful career and her wide knowledge base into all of her presentations. People are always challenged and encouraged by Jill’s style and information she shares. She connects with her audience within moments and she will get rooms of all sizes talking and engaging with her and each other.

Jill has been assisting people to develop skills for the future through leadership and personal capacity programs for over 15 years. She is most happy when working with groups of people who wish to chart a future course. She is a high-energy, positive facilitator with experience at many levels including community, business and government.

Through consultation, Jill develops a strong structure to all programs that she manages and facilitates with clear outcomes and purpose generated at the commencement of all activities. Her enthusiasm for seeing people increase their personal capacity permeates all the programs she has facilitated during her highly successful career.

Jill is a caring communicator and a thoughtful negotiator ensuring all participants arrive at a new stage of growth at the conclusion of any workshop or program. Over the years, Jill has received personal feedback and typical key descriptors include the following: inspirational, powerful, networker, motivator and fun. Some participants have mentioned that Jill can swear when really over-enthused! People who have participated in activities managed and facilitated by Jill regularly acknowledge that the event is successful due to her drive and strong work ethic and her communication and knowledge-sharing ability.

Jill is an accomplished public speaker and a keen researcher, she has a Master of Management (Leadership), a Graduate Diploma in Adult Learning and recently graduated from the Advanced – Women in Leadership Program.

Professional Background
Company Managing Director and Founder – Affectus – 20 years
(Prior to this Jill was a lecturer and teacher)

Jill spends her time facilitating and guest speaking and developing products to assist people with their people.

Affectus, under Jill’s direction has developed and delivered this motivational and enhancement events. Examples of these events are:-
* National Seafood Industry Leadership Program (2000 – 2019)
* Growing Leaders – National Vegetable Industry Leadership Program (2009-2019)
* Next Crop – Wine Leadership Program (2014 – 2019)
* Horticulture Code of Conduct (2018)
* Affectus Mentoring

Jill’s formal qualifications (post Secondary) are:-
– Masters of Leadership
– Grad Cert – Adult Learning
– Cert IV – Training and Assessment
– B Ed – Environmental Science

Jill’s Professional Development
~ Advanced Women in Leadership Program
~ Conflict Management
~ Media Training
~ Social Media for Small Business

Previous speaking experience

Me Risk/You Challenges – WAGs Quarterly Gathering –
Growing Together – Making it Work – Australian Prawn Farmers Symposium 2019
MC and Story Sharing – Agrifoods Summit 2019
Disruption and Leadership – Seafood Directions 2019
My Why and Women Leaderships – La Trobe Uni

Risk Management is all about People – Alpine Valleys Community Leadership Foundation
Mentoring – National Seafood Industry Leadership Program
Mentoring – Growing Leaders Program
Understanding for Your Why – The Getting Elected Convention
How to hanging in when things get tough – Vic No Till Conference
Getting the People Stuff Right in Your Enterprise – Grains Research and Development Corporation
Leadership and People Stuff – Women in Leadership Australia

* Additionally Jill is a highly skilled facilitator who works in the space of leadership and capacity building – teams, communication, conflict, power, chaos, strategic thinking.

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