Springwood, NSW 2777, Australia
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Karen Curran uses creative therapies in her work in holistic counsel helping children and adults transform the effects of anxiety, low self-esteem, fears, trauma, abuse, worry and more. She practices as The Heart of Us because our emotions and feelings are at the very heart of us all. And it is the subconscious – our inner heart – that changes within and effects change on the outside.

The Heart of Us is a different approach to inner healing or mental well-being. Sometimes all it takes is a little clarity and time out to rediscover that inner magic and hope within you. Karen’s clients have ranged from age 4 to 86 years and also includes professionals who just want some clarity as to why they feel or react the way they do.

Karen uses gentle but transformative processes in a safe and compassionate space and also online. These therapies include Sandplay and Art Therapies, Music, Guided Meditation or Visualisation, and other creative counsel processes. Karen feels we need to feel earthed to the land and work from our inner heart. This can be the most powerful way to change.

The light in someone’s eyes after a session is a beautiful thing to observe.


How to work from your inner heart to effect lasting change – to change the belief stories you have about yourself.

Karen’s background is creative, but she became aware of 15 years ago that something wasn’t right, and illness was constant, without any apparent cause, despite many testings. So her story begins …

“Once upon a time there was a little girl born into a loving family. They lived in a modest home with a garden. She felt particularly drawn to one corner of the back garden where it felt magical. She could feel the fluttering wings around her and be enveloped in a beautiful haze amongst the butterflies and ethereal beings, many times being able to see the tiny beings as they knew she loved them. The little girl had a knowing and understanding far beyond her years and stepped into that ethereal world where she felt love all around and perfectly safe.

But as grownups now know, there are people in the world who pretend to be good and nice, but who are actually very bad. And a bad person tricked the little girl into doing what they wanted and harmed her so badly that her real self disappeared in order to escape and survive. 

Does it sound like a fairy tale? It isn’t. But thankfully there is a happier ending. Can you relate to something similar? This particular little girl lived a life of fear for decades until she was ready to go the journey of healing and become empowered to live differently. You do not need to wait that long.

Karen’s talk will take you on an inner journey. She has lived through the experience and found a way through. Be inspired.

Karen believes, ‘Together we can make it happen and let your inner light shine.’

Previous speaking experience

Karen’s experience includes 20 years of teaching young people and adults and presenting at networking functions over the past 40 years on various topics. She creates videos on her YouTube channel which has been shared on social media and at her website including guided meditations.

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