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Canberra, ACT 2601, Australia
About me

I have a strong interest in speaking on human rights and activism based on my years of service as a director of Amnesty International Australia, and drawing on my studies in human rights law. I can speak on almost any topic relevant to human rights. I am currently undertaking a PhD in human rights / constitutional law and have studied human rights law extensively.

I am a litigation lawyer practicing in medical negligence, and interested in a range of topics relevant to health and medicine: negligence; consumer perspectives on health law; professional ethics and communication for doctors; birth trauma; consent issues in health; etc. I can speak more generally on legal practice, women in the law, women in leadership, etc.

I have several decades of experience working in civil litigation. I have sat on several high profile boards (including Amnesty International Australia and the Physiotherapy Board of Australia). I have worked as a university lecturer in India.

Previous speaking experience

As a director of Amnesty International Australia for six years (including as board vice chair), I spoke on many occasions about human rights issues at local and national events, both large and small. My speaking record includes topics such as human rights issues in West Papua, China, Tibet and South America; women’s rights; LGBTQI rights; the UN Declaration; the international framework for cooperation on human rights; young people’s involvement in human rights; refugees; volunteer and activist empowerment; etc. I have spoken to a diverse range of audiences, including primary and high school student classes; university classes; research organisations and conferences; cultural and community events; rallies, etc. I have chaired AGMs. I have spoken at large formal events requiring presentation of conference papers, as well as small local group events.

I worked for several years as a university lecturer for MBA students, teaching financial management and business law.

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