Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
About me

Trained and qualified social worker with over 4 years of specialised experience and knowledge in facilitating community based learning programs designed to promote social inclusion and community participation for adults on the Autism spectrum, along with over 5 years of experience in advocacy and service provision & consultation to uphold the human rights and well-being of people living with disabilities in the community.
During my academic studies and professional experience in the disability sector, I acquired specialised knowledge in person-centred theory, social justice & fairness, along with presentation, training and development and interpersonal skills that have enabled me to become a natural communicator and public speaker who can engage and educate audiences both professionally and personally. I believe that my first-hand experience in learning about the lived experiences of people from all walks of life can provide great value to businesses who want to become leaders in workplace diversity and inclusion.

I had the opportunity to speak at Tedx Melbourne’s Open Mic Night in March 2019, please see following link to article for more information about the night:

I am an aspiring public speaker and my talks are informative, educational and motivational, focusing around promoting access to employment and inclusion for people with disabilities in the Workplace. For example: Disability inclusive recruitment practices for Neuro-diverse people, Workplace diversity and inclusion and ethical hiring practices.

Previous speaking experience

Tedx Melbourne Open Mic Night Speaker (March 2019):
Presented a talk in front of 150 audience members and a panel of judges. The focus of my talk was on “The Six Degrees of Similarity (shame, adversity, regret, joy, hope and love), and how they can be used as a framework for understanding how we can judge others on our similarities rather than our differences, and in the process, find the hidden missing links which bind us in our common humanity.

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