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Brisbane, Queensland 4000, Australia
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Hello! Are you ready to enhance the empathy within your organisation? I specialise in innovative, engaging, interactive workplace empathy sessions with a focus on Connecting with Clients and/or Connecting with Colleagues.

Feeling heard is a fundamental human need. Empathy is the ability to view the world from another person’s perspective and have an appropriate response to that perspective. Empathy is a skill that can be developed and virtual reality has proven to be effective and efficient tool for building understanding, as it provides an unparalleled opportunity to ‘walk in someone else’s shoes’. My Social Enterprise, Lose your Mind uses Virtual Reality coupled with mental health literacy and communication workshops to enhance empathy and communication skills for participants. Lose your Mind aims to enhance mental health culture, colleague relationships, stakeholder relationships, organisational performance and client outcomes.

My educational background is in Applied Science and Business Administration. I earned a Graduate Certificate in Business (Nonprofit and Philanthropy Studies) in 2018 achieving 7 subject prizes and the overall performance prize. I was awarded George Alexander Foundation Scholar, won the 2018 QUT Entrepreneurship UberCamp award, participated in the Advance Queensland SparkPlug Program and the Sunshine Coast Innovation Centre Health Accelerator.

LOSE YOUR MIND was borne of a place of disconnection. I have two children, Rowan, 9 and Zara, 7 and suffered from postnatal depression. I felt nobody truly understood what I was going through, feeling and thinking so it wasn’t diagnosed until Zara was 3 years old. I felt isolated and alone. Most people think they know what mental illness IS, but I decided to give people the experience of what mental illness is LIKE.

I have also spoken on topics such as the use of virtual reality in the social sector, an introduction to social enterprise, empathy and listening in the workplace and how to take care of yourself and your mates. I love giving talks that are engaging, memorable and interactive.

Previous speaking experience

My Social Enterprise runs VR-based mental health literacy workshops which I have presented in Australia and Iowa, USA. I have presented at conferences such as Workplace Mental Health Symposium, The Mental Health Conference, The Stand Up Unconference, General Practice Training Queensland and at professional development events at Everledger, Westpac and Allianz. I can craft sessions from 10 minutes to 2.5 hours.

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