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Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
About me

Lutfiye is the Founder and Managing Director of Astara Creative (a boutique marketing agency specialising in luxury marketing and brand experiences) and the Co-Founder of The Vault Mastermind (a program providing business owners with business and mindset support to achieve their goals.)

Having completed a Bachelor of Science- Biomedical Science, a Grad. Dip. Science- Psychology (Neuroscience) Lutfiye felt like she was a square peg in a round hole. While the area was interesting, the industry itself wasn’t the right fit for her. When her husband suddenly became ill and dependent on her, Lutfiye found herself reflecting on her life and taking stock of where she was and where it was going. remembering her childhood love for writing, dreams of becoming an author and going into advertising, Lutfiye found herself accidentally reenrolled in university for her third degree: a Bachelor of Business- Marketing.

With the benefit of her extensive background in psychology, Lutfiye found Marketing to be second nature. Earning an Academic Achievement Award for Marketing Concepts and then topping her class and earning an Academic Excellence Award from Swinburne University, Lutfiye knew she had found “home”.

While studying, Lutfiye was also working part-time when she experienced some workplace bullying that was a turning point for her. She decided she would never work for a “boss” again and would start up her own marketing agency to help other women build their own successful business and achieve financial independence, so they never had to work somewhere that treated them poorly.

Lutfiye soon realised that differentiating her clients’ businesses and creating memorable experiences was key, which lead her to specialise in luxury marketing and customer experience design.

Lutfiye speaks about:
*Business Strategies to stand out in your market
*Building luxury brands
*The importance of never settling for less than you deserve- Finding your way to your dream lifestyle
* How to beat Imposter Syndrome and grow despite your inner voice.

Previous speaking experience

Presenting at universities, such as Swinburne University about how to start or transition careers and starting a business.
Speaking to Year 9 students about how to start a business and choose careers. (Brookside College)
A Google accredited #IamRemarkable workshop facilitator.
Keynotes for women in business groups.

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