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“Sometimes the road is bumpy. Sometimes the road is smooth. Sometimes the road will dip but it will always lead you to where you want to go at the speed you want to go, if you dare to believe that the journey is as important as the destination.” Marwa Rida

Extract from ‘The Unstoppable Woman of Purpose’ at The Unstoppable Woman of Purpose Global Movement – Book Launch 2018. Find Book on

Marwa is the Director and Creator of End2End Events, an Event Design, Styling and Planning Business. Built with a purpose of creating better connected workplaces, communities and organizations where no one is ever left feeling alone or not belonging.

Marwa believes in the power of event experiences in creating more understanding between diverse cultures. After her own struggle of belonging and connecting with a community that didn’t welcome her in initially. Marwa is on a mission to change the world one meaningful event experience at a time.

She believes more and more people are struggling to feel understood and included within their workplaces and communities. With skilled migrants facing various challenges in their first few years of arriving to Australia and expats experiencing similar issues when relocating to other countries.

Marwa knows that by sharing her own struggle to success story she will empower more migrant woman, and women of diverse backgrounds to take the leap of faith, follow their dreams and believe they can achieve anything they set their mind to achieve to live the life they were always meant to live by Design!

Her background and experience working with local, international, sponsored and exchange students in an Embassy and University sphere makes her a perfect role model for young adults, expats, women migrants and international students. She believes a positive mindset combined with a positive self-image has the power of creating confident individuals who can tackle any problem life throws.

Her newest venture ‘Marwa Rida Design – LifeStyle Design Consulting’ focuses on helping more people and more women improve their current life from where it is to where it needs to be through providing personal styling consultations, home styling consultations, healthy lifestyle consultations and special event and milestone celebration consultations to ensure connection with all important areas of life requiring attention. Helping many live a life they love by design.

Marwa is a finalist of The Canberra Women in Business – Mentor of The Year Award 2018 and a winner of 2019 Ausmumpreneur Awards – Multicultural Business Excellence and has gained much media attention on SBS Arabic in Australia , on The Egyptian Radio Show with Jerry Guirguis in Melbourne and ‘A Conversation with Faye’ Podcast as an Australian, Egyptian, North-African, Middle-Eastern and Migrant Woman in Business, who is bucking the trends as featured on article by RiotACT Media in Canberra and many more. Read Article

Marwa spoke at a JT Foxx Mega Business Conference in South Africa to a room of 700+ Entrepreneurs and Business Owners and is booked to speak at many more events in Melbourne including The Women’s Summit run by The Australian Egyptian Federation.

Marwa speaks on the topics of Lifestyle Design, Events and Community, Entrepreneurship tapping into her personal story as a Skilled Migrant Woman in Business.

Previous speaking experience

Welcome keynote at many End2End Events 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019
Spoke at The Unstoppable Women of Purpose Global Movement – Red Carpet Soiree – October 2018
Spoke at JT Foxx Mega Business Conference in South Africa to 700+ entrepreneurs – August 2019
Spoke at Australian Egyptian Federation – Women’s Summit 2019 – October 2019

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