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I am a young Gold Coast local with two young kids. I own and run a podiatry business (The Foot Stop Podiatry Services) that provides in-home podiatry to all areas from Brisbane to Ballina and everywhere in between.

I have recently been named Queensland Telstra Emerging Leader Businesswoman of the year for 2019, which is categorised for women under 30 years old. It is a huge achievement as there were over 8500 nominees, and I was the winner of the ‘Emerging Leader’ Category! I was recognised for providing outstanding service, and for ‘undoing’ traditional business.

Please see my acceptance speech link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbeD8bv0VpA

I also sit on the ANZLF, which meets with both NZ and Aus prime ministers twice a year to move forward health initiatives to better both countries. I’m also set to judge the Telstra Businesswoman’s awards in the future. I also am a founding member of the Gold Coast Global shapers (part of the world economic forum).
I’m one of the only women in my industry that successfully build an empire, grow and family and do it well! I was the only woman who was currently breastfeeding a baby in the 2019 businesswoman of the year awards. I’m a lover of all things business and family, and am passionate about promoting women to do the same!

We started the business in 2014, when our first daughter was not even one year old! I saw a huge need to provide home-based podiatry care to the most isolated people in our communities; the elderly and disabled. When we started, we realised how imperative our role was, and how many people we were helping, as soon grew to service everyone from stay-at-home mums to FIFO workers.

During this time, my husband was a full time medical student at Griffith University, here on the Gold Coast, so I juggled the home, the babies and grew our podiatry empire which now services over 6000 people annually (and growing!).

As I am the Emerging Leader winner, I have been fortunate enough to liaise with goverment officials; including the NZ prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, to bridge the trans-Tasman business gap between NZ and Aus.

I have a few keynote speeches to offer in the motivational, leadership and diversity and inclusion sectors:

1) How to build and grow a business AND a family, while remaining balanced and happy! (No happy clappy rubbish- I give great directional support)

2) How to empower ourselves and other women around us to be their best selves. (I’m very open about our challenges and have strategies to work to make these challenges our strengths)

3) Why diversity and inclusion is great for your business AND and community. This includes why it’s imperative and how i used this To open doors that took our vibrant and holistic community based care business to the forefront of successful Australian Businesses!

Previous speaking experience

Winner of Telstra 2019 QLD Emerging Leader businesswoman of the year.

Speaker at small business events, mentor for young women events and networking meetings for healthcare professionals

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