Megumi Miki presented a Workshop for over 75 Leaders ( Club Presidents ) for the largest Rotary District in Australia in April 2020 ( Virtual by Zoom as the COVID19 pandemic meant large gatherings were not permitted ) . Megumi’s Four Strategies for Coping with Chaos seemed so relevant for Rotary leaders who were required to maintain teams of Volunteers during the pandemic when face to face contact was very limited. The Accept-Pause-Reframe and Adapt Model ( or the APRA acronym for those who love acronyms ) has proved extremely valuable. Accept that things are what they are-focus on things we can do something about versus those that we have no real control over. Pause…make a considered response …step back and think about how critical it really is; consider Meditation as a coping tool. Reframe – our world has been turned upside down…show gratitude for what we have…any crisis can be a danger but it can also be an opportunity. Finally, Adapt….there is no rule book..it boils down to the survival of the most adaptable. Let go of the old ways of doing things and build on your strengths.

The final message from Megumi…Find your inner calm so you can be of service….Megumi has a calming influence which is a gift. Her weekly Calm in Chaos Zoom Seminars with a different Guest Speaker every week are also highly recommended.

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