Brisbane, Queensland 4000, Australia
About me

My goal: To pass on what I’ve learnt for nearly two decades to the next generation of leaders. My second goal is to progress the current generation of leaders towards a digital age, that is, leaders of the future who can deal with Artificial Intelligence, a Digital Workforce and Intelligent Automation.

Futurist, Innovator, Visionary, Strategist, Start-up Guru, Compassionate, Servant-Leader, Inspirational… These are some of the words said about me by my peers.

For almost two decades, I have experience in business management, strategic thinking and technology innovation for business transformation. I can facilitate Futures Thinking and spiritual Christian Counselling, these unique set of skills position me to be a strange but potent mix of a human-centred leader that appreciates technology and strategy.

Topics I speak on:
– Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impacts
– Digital Workforce Management
– Robotics Process Automation
– Intelligent Automation
– Business Process Management
– Christian Counselling
– Human-Centred Leadership
– Team Dynamics
– Business Agility
– Organisational and Team Culture

Previous speaking experience

I have been invited by many technology companies to speak at their events. These companies include Oracle, Gartner, CPA Australia, IIBA, Last Conference, BiiG Government Conference and Queensland University of Technology among others.

In my two-decade career, I have also done vlogs, podcasts and interviews.

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