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Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia
About me

Mira Stammers is a lawyer, educator, innovator and legal futurist. She is deeply invested in the future of law, legal practice and legal education.

Starting her career as a Banking & Finance lawyer, Mira practised both in Melbourne and London. Experiencing the GFC in London changed Mira’s view of the business of law forever. Surviving and thriving through that time, particularly when many other Banking & Finance practices failed, taught her how to pivot and grow a business through adverse market conditions. Using this knowledge, in 2013 Mira returned to Melbourne and founded Legally Yours, one of the first legal marketplaces in the world. Four years later she sold the business and now teaches and consults in all areas of Legal Disruption and Legal Entrepreneurship, both at La Trobe University and with Law firms around Australia.

To impart some of this knowledge more broadly, Mira recently released her book, The Modern Lawyer. Mira is also a practising solicitor in banking, commercial and information law for select Australian clients.

Previous speaking experience

I regularly speak at conferences, symposia, professional association events and panel events as an industry expert on entrepreneurship, disruption and business model growth and innovation.

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