Patricia Kaziro
About me

I’m on a mission to create 1000 high impact businesses by 2030.

As the Impact Business Coach, I guide entrepreneurs consciously creating social and eco change to step into their strengths and build better businesses that address complex social and environmental issues in practical ways to create everyday impact.

I specialise in mentoring creative and innovative entrepreneurs about giving programs and strategic partnerships; branding strategy that focuses on impact as a unique selling proposition and developing the communications strategy to raise awareness about the business’ mission and why.

I built and facilitated the GROW Horticultural Therapy program and community service in conjunction with the City of Sydney and St Vincent’s Hospital for mental health outpatients in my first business. I have attained postgraduate degrees in Business Commercialisation and Education (Social Ecology) and an undergraduate Arts degree majoring in Sociology.

In 2016 I established Radiate Coaching to support women to build a legacy through social and eco-impact in their business. I launched a Speaker Series to give women the platform to speak about their learnings and experiences as impact entrepreneurs and her vision is to deliver innovative and inclusive learning opportunities for women who want more than a traditional business institution can offer.

In 2020 I launched the Impact Business School to enable more entrepreneurs to enact their vision for social justice and environmental sustainability through everyday business. The Impact Business School offers an entrepreneurship program designed for impact entrepreneurs, with live events and a community hub that accelerates the growth of profitable, ethical, and sustainable businesses.

I create inspiring and insightful speeches, masterclasses and workshops on the keynote topics of:

1. How to go from employee to entrepreneur and level up your life to be your own boss. I reveal the strategy and mindset for this major life transition.
2. How to enable and achieve racial equity within your company. Moving beyond hiring diverse talent in our businesses to implement policies and build a culture that closes the gender and colour gap. How you too can create opportunities for diverse leaders to step up.
3. Creating a crystal clear business vision that widens the impact of your work – how to leave a personal and company legacy by incorporating social impact and sustainability principles into the everyday operations of your business. Prioritise purpose and join the new wave of high-impact companies solving social justice and environmental issues through everyday business.

Previous speaking experience

Podcast Host for Meet the Leaders: Insider Stories with Impact Business Innovators
Atto VC Masterclass for Australian startups
Radio Interview 2SER Radio re Women’s Empowerment
Workshops for community-based organisations
Keynote presentation at The Studio’s Speaker Series
Panel member and speaker at Hub Talks
MC at Radiate Coaching’s Speaker Series

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