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Discarded in a trash can at a day old, the woman who found me made a split decision to adopt me, becoming my true mother. Without any means, she brought me to the US for a better life. Because of her self-sacrifice, I vowed to never let this act of love go unappreciated. With extreme focus and gratitude, I became one of the youngest women to rise as a top executive of the hospitality industry, overseeing multi-million dollar hotels, while serving and growing our people; all before I turned 27.

I share this story to give others insight into their own professional journey and how they can make an impact through their business. Starting with gratitude and raising their standards, we have help teams increase profits, achieve awards and ultimately love the work they do. The act of one stranger, a woman, deciding to save my life, is the core on why I partner with other women and help them succeed. Because, they too are extraordinary.

Previous speaking experience

I host local speaking events speaking to leaders in business on mindset shifts, breaking paralyzing beliefs and raising their standards.

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