Perth, Australia, Western Australia 6000, Australia
About me

Rashmi immigrated to Perth, Australia in 2002 from India. She arrived here as a qualified Electronics & Telecommunications Engineer with over a decade of commercial experience.

She brings her career growth experience that saw her progress from an onsite engineer to becoming head of the department that worked with CXO level in the organisations worked. These organisations included the top multinationals in the telecom industry and required extensive travel in Asia & Europe.

Soon after arriving in Australia, she realised, that her experience needed to be made ‘Australia friendly’. In order to achieve this transition, she completed her project management certification (PMI) and started working part-time as a Project Coordinator. She took her ambitions to the next level by graduating with an MBA from the Curtin Graduate School of Business.

Her personal journey and rich experience in moving into a vastly different cultural environment, has guided her decision to pursue her passion for public speaking. This passion together with her two decades of experience has driven her to develop a story that motivates and helps empower women. Her story particularly helps women from Culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD). It helps them improve their self-esteem and gives them the confidence to engage with life.

Within the first of starting her business, she has worked on projects with organisations such Curtin University, Befriend, Bilingual Families Perth, Dressed for Success, and Ishar (A multicultural women’s health organisation).

All this passion, experience and insight are brought to life through her presentation” Presenting Confidently at work. Embrace your culture: fast track your career – the importance of mental health and raising confident, resilient multi-lingual children”.

She is currently working on her book titled “The complete guide to Story-Telling”, she is also a presenter and speaker with the renowned TEDx Speaker circuit.

Keynote topics
Topic 1
Embrace your culture: fast-track your career
Cure of the tall poppy syndrome
Most of us try to fit in, we aspire for a simple happy life without too many hurdles. In the attempt to fit into the new country we immigrated into or the new job we acquired, we all let go of our unique point of difference. We do not want to stand up and represent our whole self. We rather feel comfortable showing only some parts of our identity. The aim is not to face criticism or judgment. For some of us, it is a cultural norm. We even are willing to let go of our sense of identity and sacrifice our right to flourish in full bloom.
Learn and get inspired from the story and real-life example of this Indian girl from a middle-class family on how she became a circuit breaker and defined the “new normal” for her community by embracing her culture and fast-tracking her career.

Your audience will walk away with:
• Practical tools to get rid of the limiting beliefs – that hold us back
• Cured “tall poppy syndrome”
• Learning to value & respect your culture and still – how not to let them define you
• Ability to defy the societal norms and write your own rule book
• Bucket loads of resilience

Topic 2
Presenting confidently at work
How to survive in a hostile setup, not designed for growth
Speaking confidently is an important skill to have in a professional setup. The world’s greatest leaders are great orators. Get connected with your audience by efficient yet simple icebreakers. Learn to influence people positively. Get head-hunted for that next promotion, learn how to share your ideas and have a great impact on your team.

In addition to learning practical strategies to present confidently at work, your audience will also learn:
• How to engage your audience in an online setup
• Practical strategies to have an impact in a hybrid meeting
• Culturally relevant case study material
• A copy of the guided Confidence journey
• Set of Confidence Affirmations – that really work

Previous speaking experience

I have spoken in different capacities throughout my engineering & project management career.
The last in-person event I spoke at had 10 + attendees.

I have spoken, run & won competitions virtually and also in hybrid mode.

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