About me

“Follow your passion and lead with compassion”

Sandra D’Souza is a successful entrepreneur, small business champion, and author of best-selling book “Social Media for Baby Boomers: How to translate your decades of knowledge and experience into social influence.” A qualified accountant and passionate entrepreneur, Sandra mentors small businesses and advocates for gender balance.

As a qualified accountant, Sandra provided strategic direction in creative and tech industries for over twenty years before taking the plunge and launching her own business, Curate Bee Digital in 2012. With offices in Singapore and Australia, Curate Bee supports commercial, government and tertiary education clients in Asia, Australia and New Zealand and offers a unique suite of digital marketing services. The business was acquired in 2018 by Hive Australasia Group Inc.

A strong advocate for gender balance in business and aware of the barriers women and men encounter in establishing a gender balance, Sandra co-founded Ellect. This unique online marketplace and certification program offers businesses to be known of working towards gender balance and to trade with other businesses interested in doing the same. She is also aligning Ellect to United Nations Global Goal no. 5 – Gender Equality to be a purpose-driven business.

Sandra gained her corporate experience in rigorous financial management while holding senior positions at MTV Europe, EMI Records UK, Telstra Australia, Perot Systems USA, and News Corp Australia.

Having made the transition from corporation to entrepreneur, Sandra is determined to support others on their journey. A regular contributor to business publications and speaker at industry events, Sandra is widely regarded as a thought leader for social entrepreneurship.

Previous speaking experience

I have spoken at many events for past 20 years. I have previously presented at the Global Summit of Women in Tokyo, Japan in May 2017, Business and Professional Women International Congress in 2014 (Jeju, South Korea) and 2017 (Cairo, Egypt). I have also spoken at NSW Parliament House and been invited as a speaker to networking events.

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