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Brisbane, Queensland 4000, Australia
About me

Shane is an incredibly entertaining and engaging speaker, emcee, presenter and performer. With a strong record of achieving results – he brings to the stage boundless energy, enthusiasm, and large servings of funny and relatable stories and humour to keep your crowd engaged while they learn from him. Through story and relatable content, Shane really makes sure that your audience learns while having a fantastic time.

Over 30 years of knowledge and experience in policing, teaching, IT, business ownership, change management as well as performing and directing live theatre, Shane knows what it takes to lead, work in many and varied cultures and spark creativity in all of us. He has an enormous depth of knowledge to pass on to your delegates.

He is a highly skilled communicator specifically in respect of negotiation, mediation and workshop facilitation. 26 years of policing experience including operating as a qualified prosecutor, investigator, and lecturer, Shane can tackle any event. With degrees in Education, Training and postgraduate qualifications in Management, he has consulted to the Queensland Police Service Education and Training Command in respect of curriculum and educational design.

Keynote Topics

“Be a leader even when you are the only one in the team”

Involved in leading individuals, teams and organisations for over 30 years, Shane believes that leading is a skill that can be learnt and practised. He also believes that before we do anything else, we need to lead ourselves.

Shane will give you the formula to change your life by simply picking that shirt, going with the long black instead of the flat white, all while dancing with a Suzuki motorcycle around the fuel bowsers at a service station in a small country town.

“It’s time to fix the Fixers”

What’s the ‘Fixers’ purpose? The constant daze of continual change makes it almost impossible to work out but two things lie at the heart of it all. Culture and Frameworks. ‘Fixers’ frameworks and culture, are the cornerstone for ‘Fixers’ and their organisations to find their purpose.

Shane shows how to promote the values of change and development over process and control, discover the value of integration to create opportunities and restrict limitations and foster frameworks and cultures that enshrine the effective preservation of your greatest asset – your people.

Even if it means rethinking your drinking habits in a packed courtroom….

“Make Culture your Value Proposition”

Culture is the one thing that lies at the heart of us all. It’s the ethos, the spirit, the vibe that keeps us together. But to do so, culture is something that must be practiced both as an individual and as a group. Culture defines us. It is our character.

Learn how to ensure that culture remains the essence that drives our lives, interests and organisations. Why it must be our value proposition. Even if it means practicing your quick-draw in your underpants in the locker room in front of a mirror.

Previous speaking experience

National Policing Summit, Melbourne, August 2019
English Teachers Association of Queensland Conference, Brisbane 2019
Diwali Festival of Light 2018

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