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Perth, WA 6000, Australia
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Shelby Jansen is the owner and creative director of Hyperviolet Designs. The business began in 2017 as a platform for her freelance design work, and by May 2018 Shelby was working full time in the business, with 2018 seeing more people joining the team and 2019 involving a full restructure to the boutique agency Hyperviolet is now.

She is a multidisciplinary design and technology specialist who works with music industry, startups, and small business owners, with their marketing, digital innovation and creative projects. With a specialisation in working with niche ventures and the entertainment industries, Shelby has a passion for helping bands and entrepreneurs in this space. Shelby has a corporate communications and systems engineer background with over 9 years experience in a variety of highly skilled design and tech lead roles in businesses ranging from Government to Fintech App startups.

Often, she has been one of few women leading diverse teams on projects. Her volunteer work has included a long history of radio hosting, music journalism and event management and she has experience as a professional musician. She runs a community group for creative entrepreneurs on the side of her main business and is involved in a second start-up SaaS business catering for the design industry outside of Hyperviolet. She is a regular contributor to her blog, among other music industry leaders and budding writers, which aims to empower creatives and women in technology, music and the arts, to start a career in media and explore self-employment, by writing about their topics of expertise.

2019 saw Shelby accepted into the Muru-D backed Plus Eight Pre-accelerator program for her software startup and she has been nominated for Telstra’s Women In Business awards. She guest appears for other design blogs and podcasts on the topics of design, mental health, innovation, technology and music.

She is a proud and openly neurodiverse individual who has written articles and spoken about introversion as a leader and managing ADHD as an entrepreneur. She is passionate about ensuring her workplaces are both culturally diverse and accepting of all sexual orientations and races and her leadership style is that of an innovative and people-first and skill-driven work culture regardless of appearance and is recognised by her team as a strong advocate for maintaining a positive and supportive work culture.

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