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About me

After running corporate events for years, I went out on my own over 5 years ago.

I poured my life savings into my first event which got a total of 2 registrants. I was left scratching my head and had to move into a friends utility room…

From there I went back to the drawing board and learned everything I could about how to build, fill, and sell at events…

I took my last credit card and decided to give it another try. At my next event, I filled the room in less than 6 weeks, and made more than $10,000!

Over the next several years, I was trained by some of the best in the business.

This included Russell Brunson, Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy, and Ryan Deis as well as several others. I was always learning and growing as a speaker and marketer.

I went on to hold more than 41 sold-out events, speak on more than 80 stages. This allowed me to build a 6-figure marketing and consulting business.

I am passionate about the powerful results that live events offer someone interested in separating themselves from the herd.

I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs, influencers, and coaches grow their business by sharing…

👉 How to stop competing on price

👉 The discoveries that cause conversion learned from more than 341 websites and sales funnel audits.

👉 how to give Powerful Presentations for Profit and Persuasion.

Previous speaking experience

Chosen from more than 2500 applicants as the Clickfunnels speaker – toured the country presenting at live events for Clickfunnels with audiences ranging from 25 to 800.

Spoke at the Harvard Marketing Symposium 2017 and 2018 at the Harvard Faculty Club.

Has spoken at more than 100 meetups, rotaries, and local chapter events across the country on:

1. how to stop competing on price and start getting paid what you are worth.

2. Websites are dead and how to capitalize on it for your business.

3. Profitable presentations for profit and persusian

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