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Suji Sanjeevan
About me

Suji is an opportunity seeker, armed with self-belief and ambition she has amplified her brand’s presence in the industry. She provides a warm, friendly, and genuine approach to customer service and are very present and accessible to her team.

Light & Glo. (L&G) began with many nights of trial and error perfecting the home fragrances as a small home-based business and with continued clear, forward thinking, strategic planning and persistence, this Wyndham based business has had an explosive response. Suji consistently pushes herself out of her comfort zone, taking risks to move forward, the creative industries are constantly evolving, so there is the need to constantly keep up and innovate and is one of the reason for L&G’s success.

Suji left her former medical career and decided to pursue her dreams, risking everything to open Light & Glo. Designs. She is a sharp businesswoman, an engaging speaker, remarkable facilitator, writer and a passionate advocate for mental health, but most importantly; a wife to me and mother to three young sons.

As a positive leader, she sees what’s possible and then takes the next steps to rally and unite people to create it.

Light & Glo is led to consistently reinforce the notion that there is not only one way of doing things and challenge the staff and expect to be challenged in return to establish and drive a dynamic business.

Previous speaking experience

Wyndham Womens business Luncheon alongside Susan Alberti. 2018

Young Business Person of the year 2018

Committee For Wyndham – Talking Wydnham Podcast

Panel speaker at Womens Business School

Panel speaker at Ausmumpreneur Conference 2019

Australian Small Business Advisory services Success Story

American Express Shop small campaign alongside Sarah Holloway

Artful Business Conference – Magnetic Island

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