About me

My name is Surbhi. I work for Amazon in Sydney as someone who specialises in the services that Amazon provides in the cloud space. My job is to solve the technical problems faced by Amazon’s customers for their best possible experience. While in Amazon, not only did I strengthen my technical skills, I also got an opportunity to participate in different events that led me to give a presentation in front of an external crowd of 120 people who wanted to know more about the cloud-based services provided by Amazon. I received great feedback on my presentation and I aspire to strengthen my speaking skills by getting more public speaking experience.

I think my journey of a job seeker from India to now working in a company like Amazon in Sydney is something that would interest the audience. I also want to share about the situations I had to go through because of the country I came from and how I felt while dealing those situations because I think sharing your story is the best way to bring about any change.

Previous speaking experience

I have presented for my company in front of an external audience of 120 people. I have also occasionally spoken in toastmasters.

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