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Suzan Nguyen
About me

Suzan Nguyen is a Happiness Coach, Keynote & TEDx Speaker, Published Author of ‘One Arm But Not Unarmed’, Instructor and Entrepreneur.

Suzan experienced a life-altering event after a traumatic car accident. In waking up from this near-death experience, she was introduced to her new self, with the loss of her dominant arm. While re-learning how to accomplish basic life tasks, she also experienced re-learning to live life. Emotionally, she ventured into a very dark place, one that left her hopeless, bitter and vulnerable.

Until one day- she decided to take her life experience and #bebetter instead of bitter.

With the help of those around her, Suzan coached herself out of that bitter place. She learned how to create joy from within and began helping others do the same. Her mission in life became clear- to help others turn adversities into advantages. To empower others to be better, not bitter.

Suzan has completed coaching classes at the Institute of Excellence in Professional Coaching and continues to stay educated about her passion- Positive Psychology.
She has launched her own coaching practice by the name of BBnB Coaching. (be better, not bitter).

Suzan is also certified in ‘Happiness’ and considers herself a Happiness Chief Encouragement Officer. She has her very own candle collection designed to empower with love: Be Better Candles and in the process of launching a global course on helping others overcome trauma. Follow her on social media to be the first to know when it’s available. Social media handle: Suzan Nguyening

Suzan continues to spread her #bebetter message through her speaking engagements and by giving back to the community through volunteer efforts with her nonprofit: Be Better Group.

Previous speaking experience

I’ve been speaking since 2017. Fairly new but have had an amazing journey thus far. My first gig was a Keynote at Mattress Firm’s National Leadership Conference in front of 1,500. After sharing my story on that stage, my journey in life completely shifted. I’ve spoken at many different events after that including a TEDx. Please google me to learn more about my #bebetter mission and watch some of my videos. I have been accepted for my first international speaking competition in Canada. Scheduled for August, but looking to be rescheduled till next year. I have an incredible story that covers many topics such as; resilience, diversity and inclusion, pain, happiness, vulnerability, self-image and more. I have touched many lives with my story and would be very grateful if you can help me continue doing just that.

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