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Perth, Western Australia 6000, Australia
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Tori Kopke, is originally from Texas and has been living in Australia for ten years. Now she resides with her husband and eighteen month old son on their family farm in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia. She has always been passionate about small business, leading her to start 20/20 Marketing Solutions in 2016, a marketing agency focused on servicing businesses throughout regional and rural Australia.

With a professional background in oil and gas, then transitioning into agriculture and manufacturing, and now with a small business focus, her diverse background lends to a variety of audiences. Personal branding and goal setting are two of her passions, encouraging customers to dig deep into themselves and set big goals then use their personal story and experiences to help roadmap action plans to achieve those goals.

Most recently, Tori co-founded Big Ideas Rural, a virtual space for rural business women that is focused on education and community. Through her experience working one on one with businesses, she found many rural businesses lacked the support network and resources they needed for success. She takes a solution focused approach that is a fantastic balance of creative flair and analytical execution.

Tori loves sharing her story and experiences with others in a way that is full of energy and extremely engaging. She loves pushing businesses to dream big and equipping them with the tools they need to get there.

“Tori is a natural at the front of a room and shares her wealth of knowledge in a fun and easy to understand manner. She understands small business and she understands the industrial factors of the Wheatbelt region, and beyond. We always look forward to working with Tori and 20/20 Marketing Solutions.” Jill Hayes, Quairading CRC

Keynote topics include:
*Starting your entrepreneurial journey
*Running a business in a rural location
*Social media for rural businesses
*Social media for beginners
*Building your profile and personal brand
*Work/life balance
*Goal setting and vision casting
*Branding and finding your voice
*Engaging with your audience online

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