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Central Coast, NSW 2250, Australia
About me

Hi, I’m Tracey, I am a certified Life Coach, Kinesiologist and Facilitator. I wholeheartedly believe that every woman deserves to shine in their own unique way, to Live celebrated and stand true in all that they are!

I work with heart-centred creatives, therapists and women to gather and pull forward their uniqueness, to bring awareness to and implement into their lives, so they can make the impact they wholeheartedly intend to.

What I have found to be true, from over 15 years of running business is that a unique formula that serves you as much as it serves your ideal clients is key for gaining clarity in your business and precision in your marketing. Believe me when I say this, having your own unique formula actually saves you time.

Having had the honour of sitting with hundreds of women in circles across the east coast of Australia, over a period of 8 years, I have witnessed the incredible power that emerges when the space is held to declare all that is true in a moment, uninterrupted, to allow the personal story to be heard in full, great healing takes place in the simplicity of speaking truth uninterrupted.

My business, that is now known as Wisdom to Wellness took its first steps in 2012 and I have learnt many things along the way.

Between the ages of 23-33, I managed a multi-million dollar company, so the lessons on business and connection are varied and many. I want to share my greatest lessons with you, to include what has worked for me in the success of my business.

I am deeply passionate about sharing my wisdom and passion to support heart-centred therapists, women and creatives, at whatever stage of business they are at, to create their own unique formula into their business or their personal lives so your brand, so YOU are known and felt for precisely what it is, what YOU are.

I am deeply passionate about women offering all that they are to the space they occupy. To live celebrated, to live from their heart space. Facilitating women whether it be on their professional or personal journey is so very close to my heart and is my Sacred Work.

Previous speaking experience

I facilitate womens retreats 4 times per year. I also lecture at the College of Complementary Medicine, on a regular basis. I have also been invited to speak at events in my local area for She the Change and Central Coast Womens Business Network. I run Workshops a few times per year also.

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