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Valerie Naidoo
About me

I am a woman empowerment coach with a key focus on leadership, diversity and inclusiveness, social and community engineering, motivational speaker and an international best-selling author.

I’ve always been obsessed with accelerating social change, defying social norms and bridging gaps in diversity. As a leadership and executive coach my work revolves around the advancement of women in Literacy, Technology and Data and Socially. Hence, I’ve partnered with 2 other women to start-up Wallstreet Coaching Foundation – a company that serves as a strong advocate for women shaping the world. WCF is a Coaching, Training and consulting company and we have female clients in the UK, Middle East and Sub-continent.

I spent 10 years in the UK working as a Business Analyst and later on as a project manager on various projects but my career path diverted during my time in the Middle East(was there for 2 years) where I worked in Human resource management and as a Leadership coach. I hold a diploma in Human Resource Management, COMENSA certified Life Coach, SETA accredited trainer and the founder of the non-profit arm of Wallstreet Coaching Foundation called “Womenairesociety”. I am the creator off “Powering up a new generation of women” a program that accelerates women in the workplace and beyond. In addition to this, I chair the “Synergy African women of Impact” forum.

Previous speaking experience

Over the last 10 years I have been a speaker at many events.

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